Christine H Rehmann

R.R. #2
Hayter, AB T0B 1X0

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(780) 753-6711


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Stud Service

Our Conditions of Mating - Registered Breeders Only Please

1. Prior to breeding, all risk factors & variables of female (bitch) & male (dog) must be taken in to consideration & full responsibility taken by breeder(s).

2. The female (bitch) is sent to the male (dog).

3. The owner of the bitch must provide a certificate of health showing the bitch is free of all disease together with registration showing ownership and a 4 generation Pedigree.

4. The bitch is sent in good health & season.

5. Stud service fee is the price of a puppy.

6. There is also the travel & boarding fee.

7. The bitch is properly confined following the breeding to ensure no other dog could breed before mating season is over.

8. If no pregnancy results, return service is provided to same bitch, but if stud is no longer available, rights are reserved to offer a different stud.

 9. Don't take anything for granted.


 Please call to inquire if dog is available. Photos & bio on the Boys Page.